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Examples of our previous projects and clients' testimonials




We cover all of  London (within the M25 area)

Please call

07810 403 250

or email [email protected]



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Sasha Duffitt, Fulham, London

Some of the projects we have undertaken in the past include:



'With our new lawn it feels like we have doubled

our living space in time

for the summer.'

We are a 'back to the bone' hard landscaping and garden design company established in 2014.


We are taking pride in our attention to detail, neat and quick project

implementation and clean and lasting finish.

  • Turfing

  • Water features & irrigation

  • Granite paving, blocks, sets & modular paving

  • Curbs & Edgings - concrete and granite

  • Ducting for underground services

  • Excavations and earthworks

  • Sheds / metal work / gates / children’s playgrounds

  • Tree work / surgery

  • Sub-base placement and compaction

  • Reinforced concrete works (groundworks)

  • Slab laying - concrete and natural stone products